Comparing Same Prompt in ChatGPT and Bard

Me To Bard :  I am not good in physics terminologies. Explain to me what is quantum computing. Bard:  Don't worry, understanding quantum computing doesn't require a degree in physics! Here's a simplified explanation: Imagine a regular computer like a coin. It can be heads (1) or tails (0), representing bits of information. Quantum computers use something called qubits , which are like coins that can spin in both directions at the same time! This "both-at-once" ability, called superposition , lets them explore many possibilities simultaneously. Think of it like finding a specific grain of sand on a beach. A regular computer would check each grain one by one, taking a long time. A quantum computer, with its superposition power, could check all the sand in one go, finding it much faster. This "superpower" makes quantum computers incredibly powerful for certain types of problems, like: Drug discovery: Simulating complex molecules to de